Dual Credit

Dual Credit

Dual Credit

These classes are taught at Austin High School by AHS teachers. Students may receive both AHS credits and college credit hours from the respective college upon successful completion. These college hours will transfer to many other colleges and universities. Students will need to check with individual colleges and universities regarding their transfer policy.



Mathematics, College Level


Pre-Calculus (Ivy Tech Math 136 )

 Prerequisite: SAT Math score of 500 or greater, PSAT math score of 50, or appropriate placement test scores.

This course presents an in-depth study of functions, quadratic, polynomial, radical, and rational equations, radicals, complex numbers, systems of equations, matrices, and exponential and logarithmic functions. 3 lecture hours credit

 The class described above is the AHS class called Pre-Calculus - 1 semester


Trigonometry (Ivy Tech Math 137)


Prerequisite: SAT math score of 500, PSAT math score of 50, or appropriate placement test score. 

This course presents an in-depth study of right triangle trigonometry, oblique triangles, vectors, graphs of trigonometric functions, trigonometric identities and equations and complex numbers in rectangular and polar/trigonometric forms, rectangular and polar coordinates, rational functions and comics. 3 lecture hours credit

The class described above corresponds with the AHS class entitled Trigonometry - 1 semester


Calculus with Analytic Geometry I (VU Math 118)

 Prerequisites: Math 102 and 104 with a C or better in both courses, or open to other students who have completed two years of high school algebra and trigonometry with a CPT EA score of 74 or greateranda CLM score of 55 or greater. Plane analytic geometry, limits, differentiation and applications, introduction to integration, inverse functions, logarithm and exponential functions, and hyperbolic functions. 5 lecture hours credit

 The class described above corresponds with the AHS class entitled Calculus AB AP - 2 semesters


English/Language Arts Dual Credit:



     Prerequisites: SAT Critical Reading score of 420 (PSAT – 42) or higher and SAT writing score 380 (PSAT – 38) or higher or qualifying score on the Accuplacer exam through Vincennes University .


      English Comp I is a course designed to help students develop their ability to think, to organize, and to express their ideas clearly and effectively. Emphasis is placed on the various forms of expository writing such as process, description, narration, comparison, analysis, persuasion, and argumentation. In this course, all students will focus upon basic composition, including a review of basic skills, a variety of short writings, a study of research techniques and MLA style, and a total of six evaluated essays. Students will also study selected readings from literature, prepare and deliver speeches, study vocabulary, and read independently.Numerous in-class writing assignments are required in addition to extended essays written both inside and outside of class.
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