Guardian/Student Contract Honor Code

Guardian/Student Contract Honor Code

Guardian/Student Contract and Honor Code

Scott County School District 1

eLearning Guardian/Student Contract and Honor Code

Welcome to Scott County School District 1 eLearning Option

Scott County School District 1 is committed to your intellectual growth and achievement. To honor our commitment to you, eLearning courses will contain instruction taught by SCSD1 staff members and partnerships with Edgenuity at certain grade levels.  Edgenuity’s embedded curriculum provides, self-check practice activities, graded and written assignments, as well as a variety of assessments; all have been designed to help you master each course.

Course Requirements                

Online learning requires a level of responsibility from you that can help you be successful, which includes:

  • Daily attendance is required during school hours

  • Daily percentage completed per course

  • Weekly face-to-face virtual interactions with eLearning coach

  • eLearning Coach will have online office hours 8:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.

  • Guardian email to receive weekly progress reports

  • Guardian coach readily available for communication via email, phone, in-person

  • Guardian will make sure the student is meeting all requirements

  • Being prepared and ready to learn before you start your online coursework

  • Staying on track by completing the assigned work every day

  • Taking notes (written or electronic) as you listen to the instructional activities

  • Comprehending online reading selections

  • Composing thoughtful, well-written responses with minimal spelling and grammatical errors

  • Asking for help when you have questions or misunderstandings

  • Studying before your assessments

  • Tracking your progress and grades

  • Treating others in this course, classroom, or lab with the same respect you expect


Academic Integrity

You should always have pride in the work you do and should take ownership of your own learning! We understand that with tools like Google search, it’s easy to find immediate answers to your questions. In this class, you are responsible for understanding the difference between using the web for help and support of your learning, versus using the web to cheat. Cheating is against our classroom policy and has consequences.

Student Expectations in this Course

Academic dishonesty jeopardizes your success and your integrity. In completing this online coursework, you agree to:

  •  Be honest at all times

  • Actively encourage academic integrity in your classmates

  • Discourage any forms of cheating or dishonesty

  • Inform your teacher, counselor, administrator, or someone you trust if you have a reasonable belief and/or evidence that academic dishonesty has occurred

Some examples of academic dishonesty are, but not limited to:

  • Using unauthorized materials and/or resources throughout this course

  • Copying work from another student, or from the web

  • Using a technological/communication tool and/or resource during an assessment

  • Having anyone else but you complete any part of your coursework for you

  • Using online searches to find answers to your assessment questions

  • Posting answers to assessment questions online

Academic Consequences

  • Consequences will be handled on a case by case situation

  • Students that are not completing eLearning course work will be transitioned back into traditional brick/mortar school work

Course Completion

  • Course completion is REQUIRED per semester

  • You will receive an “F” if a course is not completed per semester

  • Students that do not complete eLearning course work will be transitioned back into traditional brick/mortar school work

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