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Jason Hougland

Jason Hougland

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Curriculum Map

Band- Grades 5 -12

 Indiana academic standards for instrumental music:

  1. PERFORMING MUSIC: Singing alone and with others.
  2. PERFORMING MUSIC: Playing an instrument alone and with others.
  3. CREATING MUSIC: Improvising melodies, variations, and accompaniments.
  4. CREATING MUSIC: Composing and arranging music within specific guidelines.
  5. RESPONDING TO MUSIC: Reading, notating, and interpreting music.
  6. RESPONDING TO MUSIC: Listening to, analyzing, and describing music.
  7. RESPONDING TO MUSIC: Evaluating music and music performance.
  8. RESPONDING TO MUSIC: Understanding the relationships between music, the other arts, and disciplines outside the arts.
  9. RESPONDING TO MUSIC: Understanding music in relation to history and culture.


DAILYformative and performance assessments include:


Warm Ups


Concept/Skill: Concentration and focus, GOOD, full rich tone, Air and stick control, Embouchure, Proper Breathing, Steady Rhythm, Steady pulse and tempo, Dynamics, Correct Articulation, Posture, Position, Pitch/Intonation, Balance and Blend


Resources: Scales, Fussell Method Book, Chorales, Lip Slurs, Harmonics, Rudiments




Concept/Skill: Tone production quality, control/focus, breath support, projection, embouchure, posture, overall tone


Resources: Warm-up exercises, Long tones, Lip Slurs, Concert Music, Playing Tests, Recorded Examples




Concept/Skill: Ensembles will attain a balanced pyramid with Lower Range instruments on bottom, mid range instruments in the middle and high range instruments at the top of the triangle


Resources: Warm Ups, Concert Music, Chord Exercises, Recorded Examples




Concept/Skill: Patterns, Steady Beat, Note & Rest Values. 1. Knowing where the beat is and being able to read the conductor. 2. Placing notes and rests to the beat. 3. Counting notes and rests with correct values. 


Resources: Written Warm Ups, Concert Music, Teacher generated materials, Metronome




Concept/Skill: Beat, Speed of the Beat, Identify tempo markings, play a steady tempo, Follow the director’s conducting pattern- changing speeds (i.e., retard, accelerando, etc.), Note and rest values, metronome


Resources: Warm-ups, Concert Music, Method Books, Teacher generated materials, Recorded examples.




Concept/Skill: Attacks and releases, The conductor helps the students express the articulations through conducting, students must identify articulation symbols in the music, students must watch the conductor so that they can play the articulations correctly and therefore express what the composer intended. 


Resources: Warm-ups, Concert Music, Method Books, Concert Music, Teacher generated materials, Recorded examples. 




Concept/Skill: The loudness or softness of the music Loud, Soft, Crescendo, Decrescendo, Diminuendo, Morendo, Air Control, Air Flow. The conductor helps the students express the articulations through conducting in bigger or smaller patterns,


Resources: Warm-ups, Concert Music, Method Books, Teacher generated materials, Recorded Examples. 





Concept/Skill: Phrase shaping, music sentences, proper breathing, air flow, direction. Student will be able to identify where a musical phrase begins and ends by breathing, listening, and other ways prompted by the conductor. The conductor helps the students to shape the phrases through conducting. Students watch the conductor to help demonstrate musical and expressive phrasing. 



Warm-ups, Concert Music, Method Books, Teacher generated materials. 




Concept/Skill: Dexterity, Facility, Flexibility, Articulation, Scales, Circle of Fifths, Key Signature


Resources: Warm ups, Concert Music, Method Books, Teacher generated materials. 




Concept/Skill: Major Scales, Minor Scales, Chromatic Scale, Half Steps, Whole Steps, Key Signatures, Circle of Fifths, Order of b’s and #’s. 


Resources: Scales Sheet, Chromatic Scale Sheet, Method Books

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