School Information

School Information

School Information

Identification Cards:  ID cards must be worn on a lanyard around the student’s neck during school hours.  ID cards are used for lunch, to check out library books, and for identification in case of a school emergency.  Students are not to deface the cards in any way.  Each card is $5.00.  Students are to put their ID card in their locker after 7th period so it will be there the following day.  It is best to never take the card home and chance forgetting it the next morning.

 DROP OFF AND PICK-UP POINT:  To eliminate traffic problems with the buses and handicapped parking, all students who are dropped off before 7:50 AM or picked up at 3:08 PM must use the doors in the front of the building where the cafeteria is located.  Before 7:50 AM students must go down the “great hallway” to the gymnasium and stay until time for breakfast.

 School Closings:  Radio station 105.3 WMPI will carry all school closings or delays due to inclement weather or other emergencies.  If we are on a one-hour delay, school will begin at 9:20 AM.  Buses will run one hour later than normal.  If we are on a two-hour delay, school will begin at 10:20 PM, and buses will run two hours later than normal.

 Student Attire: Students’ clothing should not in any way interfere with the educational environment, their own health, or the safety of themselves or others.  The following rules will apply:  clothing and jewelry will not display alcohol, tobacco, drug, violence, sexually explicit, or gang-related words or pictures.  No shorts, or saggy, baggy pants are to be worn.  Pants are to be worn at the natural waistline.  No shirts are to open on the sides, and spaghetti straps are not to be worn.  Top will cover the mid-section when both arms are raised.  No low-cut mesh, or see-through tops are to be worn.  No wallet chains, sunglasses, or necklaces with links larger than ¼ “ will be worn.  If the Principal and staff deem clothing inappropriate, student will be asked to call home for a change of clothing for the first offense.  The Principal will determine punishment for all subsequent violations of these rules.

 Homework:  It is the student’s responsibility to complete all homework assignments.  The teacher will notify parents when failure to turn in homework becomes a problem.  If necessary, a conference will be held with the teacher, parents, student, and Principal.  Homework Club will meet in the middle school library every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:08 PM until 4:00 PM.  Tutors will be available.  Students will be encouraged to use the Homework Club to catch up on missed assignments, to solicit the help of a tutor, or needs a quiet place to do homework.  If the student is absent three or more days, a family member needs to pick up homework.  If a student is absent less than three days, work can be made up when the student returns to school.

 Telephone:  Middle school students assume responsibility for bringing all necessary items to school.  Telephone calls will be made only in case of an emergency and/or at the discretion of the Principal/Staff.  Students will not be called out of class for telephone calls; messages will be given to students in emergency cases.  Parents, please remind your child before he/she leaves home if there will be a change in his/her normal after-school routine.

 Medication: If your child is to take medication (such as Tylenol) while at school, the staff must have written permission from the parent or guardian on file in the office.  If the medication is prescription medication, the student or parent must bring the medication in the original container to the office and include a written note with directions for administering the medication.  

 Sports:  Insurance waivers and physical forms must be on file in the office before a student can participate in any sport.

Passes:  If students need to leave school during school hours, parents must come to the middle school office and sign the student out.  Parents, please pick up your child early from school only when absolutely necessary.  Our last class ends at 3:08 PM and it is important that your child be in his/her classes the full time.

Visitors:  To ensure your child’s safety, and minimize classroom disruption, all visitors must check in at the office and be issued an ID to wear while in the building.

Hallways and Lockers:  Hallways are to be kept clean and clear.  Students will not run, throw or kick items, or be loud and disruptive in the hallway.  Lockers are the property of the school and are not to be damaged or defaced in any way.  Students are to respect the use of the lockers by properly closing them, not kicking them closed.

Cafeteria:  Breakfast and lunch are provided daily.  Students will use their ID card as they go through the lunch line.  Cash will not be accepted at either the regular or the a la carte line.  Envelopes and a drop box are provided for students to make lunch deposits.  Information must be completed and deposits made before 9:00AM for the money to be available for use that day.  Students are encouraged to deposit an amount to cover at least one week’s lunches.  Students may check their lunch balance at any time with the cafeteria cashier.  If parents need to see a print out of their child’s cafeteria balance the student needs to tell the cashier and she should be able to get the print out to the student by the end of the school day.

Admission Slips:  Any time a student is absent a day, ½ day, or one class period, he/she must obtain an admission slip to get into classes the following day.  A note from a parent, doctor, or dentist must be brought to school in order to have the absence excused.  Students must bring a note; there will be no exceptions.  Without an excused absence slip, students will not receive credit for make-up work.  Notes are to be given to Mrs. Calvin in Room 310 before 8:15 AM.  Admission slips will not be issued after classes begin for the day.  It is the student’s responsibility to inquire about and obtain make-up work or tests that were missed.

Attendance:  Attendance is mandatory at the middle school level (Indiana Law section 20-8.1-3-17 of the Indiana Code).  Any person who violates this law commits a Class B misdemeanor as stated in IC 20-8.1-3-37.  An absence is defined as missing school for any of the following reasons:  short term illness, family vacation, and personal appointments such as doctor dentist.  A waived absence is defined as missing school for chronic illness (long term) or hospitalization verified by a doctor’s note, suspension, bereavement, or court-ordered appearances.  The principal will determine whether or not an absence will be waived.
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